Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Urban Jungle, Costessey

The Urban Jungle, Costessey, Norwich.Went on an adventure looking for this place, heard lots of good things about it, a garden centre but with a twist.
Looked on Google maps, seemed a bit difficult to get to if you havent got a car but not too bad, little did we know!!!
Got the Red Line bus from opposite Topman Norwich, got off in a huge new build estate in Costessey, the bus driver was lovely very helpful, carried on along the road using our google map, came to a huge building site, nobody stopped us, there was a huge muddy field with big yellow diggers working on it, carried on to the end of this road., and saw some big metal fences,bearing in mind we had just passed a group of three men working loading a truck with these fences, nobody stopped us, we got to the end and there was no way out, what do we do???? if we went back we had a detour of miles to get to the place, so we went up to the builders explained the situation, they said no, you cant go through there, but they did say we could maybe sneak along the edge of the muddy field and find a way through the hedge to the road, OMG what a palaver, we snuk around the field found an opening snuk through a little hedgerow through some nettles onto a road and there lo and behold was The Urban Junge about 10 yards away.
Well finally got to have a look round, lots of lovely plants, found a lovely Japanese grass id always wanted, the cafe was great, so cute, little tables and comfy sofas secreted away amongst  huge tropical plants very jungle like, a pool with the hugest Koi id ever seen in it, a little bridge over the pool, and a tiny waterfall, so cute.Not to mention the lovely plants.
Where you paid for the plants was a little shack, you rang a bell for someone to come, the gentleman was very friendly had a good laugh about the muddy field, saying id do anything to get a plant . They have a Bird thing going on in the next few weeks or so details probably will be on their website, Talking about that heard Tawny Owls in the nearby trees.
Needless to say we didnt go back the same way, missed the muddy field, got the bus further along the road near the pub The Harte of Costessey. Passed some lovely little cottages along the way back, definite garden envy going on , sooo pretty.
Pictures should be coming along soon, if you decide to go im sure you ll enjoy it.You must go.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Last Sundays day out.

Last Sunday was the Bto BWebs birdcount and afterwards went for a lovely walk from Potter Heigham to Hickling, the Eel catchers hut.Which unless something is done about it , it will be lost forever, another Norfolk tradition in the balance.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Caister Dunes flowers and Butterflies

Went early for a walk Caister Beach North, the top path is completely overgrown now so had to take the lower path near the slope of the sea wall, lots of lovely plants and a few butterflies, including my first Grayling of the year and a Cinnebar moth. the butterflies shown are a Skipper and Small Copper

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A walk along beautiful Breydon.

Thursday 14th July.
Hi all, lovely walk along the Breydon wall today, thanks to Jules, Carol and Lynn and Phil for joining us!!
Started out from Haven bridge, walked along the Angles Way through the edge of Cobholm between houses and the riverside, across a grassy area and past an old sail loft, and up onto the embankment or Breydon Wall, walked under Breydon Bridge, once away from the bridge the sights and sounds of Breydon were all around, Oyster Catchers plaintive call, Whimbrell high purring call,smell of seaweed, and the water lapping against the shore, the odd cruiser puttering past, even on a sunny day the wind in places could be a bit chill, but truly beautiful, views across Breydon with some birds feeding on the mud flats, slightly exposed by low tide, and behind us green fields and meadows, with Highland cattle and ponies in the distance, swifts and swallows were swooping low feeding off insects, Skylarks were trilling to each other high above us, we saw oyster Catchers, Whimbrel, Curlew, Redshank, a treat on the way back saw a Redshank with fluffy chick, (looking forward to Lynns and Jules photos!!) We saw Little Egrets, shining white with their tufty heads looking like something from the African Plains.
We stopped for a picnic behind a Blackberry bush rested a while watching the Swallows and Swifts catching insect above the Meadows.
Out of the wind were lots of Blue Tail Damselflies, we saw Brown Hawker Dragonflies, plenty of Small White, Large White, Meadow Brown, and a couple of Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies,.
Not realising how far we had come, we realised we had to turn back reluctantly, and make our way back, all in all a lovely day, saw lots of nature, with lovely company thankyou!!!.
Discussing our next walk, maybe a bus trip to Potter Heigham, and making our way to Hickling round the back paths.